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Creche Centre

Lack of proper facilities and ignorance and inability to afford education treatment for children worsen the situation. For this, a dedicated facility has been developed in our DMF, Sundargarh supported Creche Centre at lahunipada block, Keonjhar. The Creche program which is managed by WOSCA aims to establish and manage community centres in 15 villages of Lahunipada Block of Sundargarh District. There are so many working mothers who leave their children of 6 months to 3 years old at home for earning of livelihood during the working hour. With the support of DMF, Sundargarh, WOSCA has started the Creche program in the mining affected areas. In the centre, children are cared for like homely members. The Creche Workers/Ayas attend to the daily needs which include personal hygiene, food and medication. Doctor of the Public Healthcare Centre attends to the medical needs of the children. The Ayas / Supervisors attending to them have to look after them in the same way as one would take care of an infant and complete personal hygiene, preventive action for communicable diseases, timely medication, nutrition and supplements, providing cooked food and maintaining hygienic conditions. For the smooth management of Creche Programme, WOSCA aims to focus on

  • Child care facilities.
  • Adequate and quality food for children.
  • Disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.
The Creche Programme is being managed under the supervision and guidance of the Program Manager, Supervisors and Creche workers. For better acceptance of the crèche programme, all the crèche centres have been coloured and wall painting have been done. VHND and Immunization sessions have been facilitated in 15 villages by the project staff as a part of social mobilization under Creche initiatives.


  • WOSCA as the DPMU had facilitated bank account opening of 1688 BYVs (Biju Yuva Vahini) across 5 districts of cluster-D.
  • 1566 BYVs were formed at panchayat level and 122 numbers of BYVs were formed at ULB level.
  • There were primarily 6 nos of social action conducted with the prior information to State Programme Management Unit. Apart from the scheduled social action various other social activities had been completed on the instruction of district administrations.
  • To engage all citizens with the sports atmosphere panchayat level to district and state level events were created and various cultural activities were organized by the DPMU on instructions issued by the State Programme Management Unit. It is the outlook and stringent planning of the whole unit because of which people across the operational area connected to the spirit and also got an opportunity to witness the grand opening ceremony as well as closing ceremony with its entire sporting extravaganza.
  • DPMU team had facilitated and distributed the sports equipment at all GP and ULB level BYV teams to initiate sporting environment in rural and remote areas.
  • The DPMU team had facilitated the smooth disbursement of T-Shirts and fund allocation for initiative towards activities like mass viewing of live broadcasts of Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018, mini marathon and sports events across all gram panchayats/ULBs.
  • Observation of special days like Gandhi Jayanti, Netaji Jayanti, Child rights day and National girl child day had brought some significant change in the local community participation as the youths took oath to eradicate any mal practices and accept their role as a watchdog for their village and gram panchayat.
  • Special focus was given to identify the local icons of change called “HEROs” from the gram panchayats / wards and to award them for their outstanding role in social activity, sports and culture. In the mean time apart from few obstacles in formation of groups, BYV formation of Cluster D had reached landmark of 1707 out of 1734 target.
  • There are 12340 volunteers trained on different aspects of managing the disaster at the village level. They were trained on the measures to be taken up during times of disaster and unforeseen circumstances so that the volunteers can play a crucial role as the first line of assistance.
  • There are 1490 Biju Yuva Vahinis who have facilitated the Open Defecation Free (ODF) campaigns and nearly 50,000 people made aware on consequence of open defecation and how they should make use of existing toilets in their respective homes.
  • The ambitious “MU HERO” programme was organized under Biju Yuva Vahini to identify and to appreciate efforts of local youths who acted as change agents for the society and the nominated HEROs was awarded at the district level during Youth Conclaves.
  • BYV members participated with police and made people aware through road side campaign known as “Rakshyak Programme” and consultation along with traffic police and special drive with police department in central places of the district.
  • The Plastic free campaign was carried out with 1688 Biju Yuva Vahinis where 64300 volunteers (BYVs and local youth) have participated across five blocks to tackle with the plastic eradication process.
  • On 2nd October 2018 in the light of Gandhi Jayanti the BYVs and SHG members with support of district administration had initiated drugs de-addiction campaign with meeting, padyatra at all GPs and ULBs. Street play and IEC materials in this regard assisted in the process of spreading the campaign to every village by the BYV members. Total 74291youths took oath on 2nd October in five districts.


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