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Management Bike Ambulance

Keonjhar block of Keonjhar district presents huge challenges not only for the distribution of health services, but for mothers, children, parents and families to avail transport services. With the support of NHM from 2019, one modified four-stroke motorcycle, which works as a ‘Motor-Bike Ambulance’, is proving to be a boon for the people Harichandanpur block in, bridging the last mile to health care. The Bike Ambulance is at its best: a modified four-stroke motorcycle equipped with a first-aid kit and fitted with a sidecar comprising a mattress to provide comfort to pregnant women. The motorcycle ambulance ferries pregnant women and sick children, from remote areas to the Maternity Waiting Home (Maa Gruha), Revnapalaspal and Community Health Centers (CHCs), Harichandanpur and has emerged as a lifesaver for the people of this region. During the year 2021-22, total 143 pregnant women have been carried to MWH, Revnapalaspal whereas 440 pregnant women have been shifted for PNC Check up by this bike ambulance. Given the hard to reach topography, this bike ambulance has become a good example of addressing inequity in heath in some of the most difficult areas of Revnapalaspal and a step towards ensuring Universal Health Coverage. Adding to this, women health workers and ANMs identify and bring the sick children from villages, who then receive life-saving vaccine shots and immediate health care services. Afterwards, the women and children are transported back to their villages by the Motor-Bike Ambulance.


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