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Infrastructure Climate Resilent Growth (ICRG)

With a view to mobilize the community to prepare climate resilient plans under MGNREGA and to assist people with special focus on women in building climate resilient assets under MGNREGA and to improve rain fed agriculture at block and Panchayat levels for planning, execution and monitoring of climate resilient works under MGNREGS, the Infrastructure Climate Resilent Growth (ICRG) Project was facilitated in 5 blocks of Keonjhar and 3 blocks of Mayurbhanj district during the period Jul-2017 to Jan-2020. Activities like training, awareness meeting, sensitisation to the PRI members, livelihood planning under CRW, liasioning with the line departments for approval and initiation of CRW activities, etc. were done for the fruitful implementation of the ICRG Programme. All the climate resilent works proposed under this ICRG Programme were finally a movement towards development of village infrastructure along with sustainable livelihood development of the tribal community by addressing the climate change issues. Maximum to maximum information was shared among the community persons on climate resilent works for adaptation of climate change.

Major achievements:

  • Village meeting, Focus group discussion and GP meetings in each cluster of the operational blocks were conducted to develop 32 annual plan.
  • 2625 community members including SHGs and PRI functionaries have been made aware on Climate change issues and identification of needs to address the climate change through the monthly meeting held at different villages.
  • In most of the meetings people had expressed their views on land development, Rain Water Management, Plantation like activities as their needs of the localities.
  • Activities related to climate resilent works were prioritized in each worksite followed to the community sensitization since the beginning on a regular basis.
  • The list of works approved were the method to combat and advocate the need to rely on climate resilent works which allow the water to flow into a depression, and provide for drainage of water from the fields.
  • Labour budget was prepared in 8 GPs based on the natural resource base, need of the community, public demand, land pattern and vulnerability factors.
  • Renovation of water body with underground dyke was done in 5 blocks.
  • 12 Masonry guard wall, masonry out let canal, improvement masonry Hume pipe outlet approved and completed in 8 blocks.
  • Renovation of pond and repairing of check dam, construction of masonry guard wall and improvement of canal done in 6 blocks.
  • Two Water Harvesting Structures with masonry guard wall and 15 nos. of LBS with new canal constructed.
  • Water Harvesting Structure (WHS) and land development activities were taken up in 8 blocks as climate resilent works.


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