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OTELP program has enhanced the living condition of people through improved livelihood with food and nutritional Security in Telkoi and Harichandan blocks covering clusters and have ensured livelihoods and food security of poor tribal households through promoting a more efficient, equitable, self-managed and sustainable use of the natural resources at their disposal and through off-farm/non-farm enterprise development. This program has successfully empowered them to lead a better wellbeing in future. Various village level institution (VDA&VDS) has been constituted in intervention villages under society registration Act and need based institution building training are imparted to build their capacity. Many livelihood programs are being implemented by taking land and water management project where vulnerable and disabled families are benefitted. To improve irrigation pump sets are distributed to help lift irrigation. Need base vocational training on driving, nursing and fishery are even provided. To improve pisciculture farmers are capacitated through training and exposure visit that supports their livelihood option. Many farmers are also benefitted through vegetable cultivation and horticulture plantation activity. Through health camp the program has also addressed the health aspect of vulnerable people in the operation areas.


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Women’s Organization for Socio-Cultural Awareness (WOSCA) is a voluntary organization born on 20th December 1993 with the commitment to serve the under privileged people.WOSCA also maintains the tie-up with the banks and others corporate sectors.

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